Welcome New Friends!

Our small town is on the verge of some major physical changes. The harbor is about to undergo an extensive transformation… Our downtown Lantern District is currently being chopped up and moved around… While most of our current City Council is departing… What we are going to need during this crucial time is knowledge and leadership! This election is critical to your future and the future of Dana Point.

I enter this City Council race for the residents and business owners confident on navigating us through these turbulent waters.

Labeling me with any particular classification is ineffectual, as I   believe “Common Sense” thinking should prevail on any topic.

Common Sense tells me we ARE capable of retaining our ‘small town charm’, all while:

  • Modernizing our infrastructure
  • Improving and adding to our current amenities
  • Adding responsible and not overwhelming development.

Common Sense also directs me to believe:

  • Fiscal responsibility leads to longevity
  • Cooperation is the key to due process
  • Creative thinking is essential to problem solving

Common Sense tells me that while a few of our neighboring cities have grown and improved over recent years, we should not stray from our own identity and direction. We CAN look at their successes and develop future strategies the we collectively agree will work for us.

My Great Grandfather arrived in San Clemente from Montana nearly a hundred years ago, with a notion to help create a community that can live up to the surrounding local natural beauty. Working alongside Ole Hanson, “Roy” Divel helped to develop the town infrastructure and government. These distinctive ethics of hard work were passed down to my Grandfather “Roy Jr.”, my father “Roy III”, then instilled in me  – “Roy Reginald Divel  IV”.

I have personally developed multi-million dollar budgets, planned businesses top to bottom while managing department heads and employees across a global platform. All of this taught me the importance to “play well with others”. I have recently switched gears and followed the family business by entering the insurance industry as an independent broker/agent. ‘DIVEL Insurance’

While some may be running for Council for a particular cause or even as a career launching point, my main focal point will be to execute the desires of the people to make Dana Point the best it can be.

  • Member of the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Dana Point Historical Society
  • Member of the Surfrider Foundation (South Orange County Chapter)
  • Original Member of the Salt Creek Core
  • Local Dana Hills High Graduate

I have three main platforms fueling my immediate time in the     Council.

  1. Maintain the integrity of our unique small town spirit, while supporting business and responsible development.
  2. Develop a plan for a public skatepark, with no drain on city resources.
  3. Increase awareness of our youth substance abuse problem, and look to expand support against this ongoing epidemic.

I look for your support to help Keep Dana Point Beautiful while allowing us as a city and a community to progress in a responsible manner.

call me to discuss any city topics at:

949.829.3639 or email at Ryan@Divel4DP.com

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