Where’s their money coming from?



Dana Point times did a bit of research on which candidates were accepting money from which donors, and as you might expect..most were sucking up to the agenda of special interests…



By Andrea Swayne

The second round of Dana Point City Council candidates’ finance disclosures were filed on Oct. 23 giving an updated look at their campaigns as Nov. 4 Election Day nears.

Here is a partial list of donors to the nine candidates vying for three open seats on the council.

To view all of the candidate filings posted to the city website, click here. Click on “1st Preelection” and “2nd Preelection” for each candidate, to view all reports.

Alan Wickstrom’s statements showed $17,418 in donations. His largest came from Byram Healthcare CEO Larry Thacker, in the amount of $1,350. William and Elizabeth Bammattre (together) and Joseph Scala who each gave $690. He also received a number of $500 donations, including one from Headlands Reserve LLC. Wickstrom also contributed $2,850 to his own campaign via a combination of personal funds and through his business, BuildingOnline, Inc.

Chuck Rathbone has received a total of $10,250, funding the entire campaign himself.

Ryan Divel’s contributions total $5,934, of which $5,133 came in the form of loans to himself. His largest donor was Judith D. Gossen, who gave $500.

Harold Kaufman lists a total of $13,312. He received nine $690-dollar donations, among them were contributions from Luxe Restaurant owner Cindy Monroe, Assemblywoman Diane Harkey, Scala and Bamattre. Kaufman contributed $1,188.

Jody Payne has received $7,947. Aside from her own $3,060, her top donors are Scott Schoeffel and Deann Mercer, who each gave $690.

Joe Muller reported $38,270 in contributions, including $5,000 to himself, 21 at $690 each and $500 each from Headlands Reserve LLC and DP Strand 119 LLC.

Nancy Jenkins has received $20,958, including $13,000 from herself. Her largest outside contributor was listed at California Real Estate PAC and Richard Dietmeier, each giving $690.

John Tomlinson reported receipts of $26,098.67, $16,950 of which came from himself. He also received $500 each from Headlands Reserve and DP Strand 118 LLC.

Richard Viczorek has brought in $12,838. Among his donors are Headlands Reserve, with $500 and DP Strand 101 LLC.

The DP Strand LLCs all have ties to managing member Barry Tsai, of DP Strand Development LLC.

The final candidate disclosure statement is due after the Nov. 4 election.

Scary Renegade Racing Run at Salt Creek Beach


Renegade Racing is going all-out this Halloween and introducing the Terrifying-10-Miler and Spooky 5K & 10K to Salt Creek Beach Park. We didn’t forget the kids… Bring them out for the Super Hero ½ Mile Kids Run. You’ll have a “Howling” good time running along the Salt Creek Regional Corridor Path. Participants will have amazing views of wilderness areas, beach and, of course spooks, ghosts and goblins along the course. All participants are encouraged to dress up in their favorite Halloween or Super Hero costume. There will be costume contests, pumpkin decorating contests, pumpkin patch, expo booths and more at the start-finish All-Hallows Festival.  Aid stations will have tricks and treats to keep you in the holiday mood.

The race has a limited field of 1000 so don’t drag your feet because you just might miss out on this great event.


Come to Early Packet Pick Up and save time on race morning!

October 25 12pm-4pm
Mission Viejo Sports Authority
25462 El Paseo Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Download participant waiver here and bring it with youto packet pick up


Race Day Event Schedule

  • 6:30 am Race day registration and All-Hallows Festival opens
  • 8:00 am Terrifying 10 Miler and Spooky 10K Run starts
  • 8:15 am Spooky 5K Run starts
  • 9:30 am Awards and Costume Contest begin
  • 10:00 am Super Hero ½ Mile Kids Run starts
  • 11:00 am All-Hallows Festival closes

2014_Halloween-Terrifying-Ten_medal-10milerTerrifying 10 Miler

Why 10 Miles? 10 miles is the perfect distance to bridge up from a 10K to Half Marathon. Face it, it’s a long way to make that jump but Renegade Racing is going to give you the perfect race to prepare for your first or next Half Marathon. If you are an experienced runner you’ll love that this race has enough challenge to make your next half marathon seem like a piece of cake. Participants will enjoy amazing canyon and ocean views from the whole course. The Terrifying 10 Miler generally is uphill out to the 5 mile turn around but you will experience bumps throughout this out-n-back course. You’ll enjoy 2365 terrifying feet of elevation gain over the whole course. Don’t worry because you’ll be supported by the best aid stations in the world with water, electrolyte, Halloween candy, ghosts and goblins.

All Terrifying 10 Milers will get a commemorative finisher’s medal, long-sleeve technical fabric tech shirt with ¼ zip and trick or treat goody bag.

2014_Halloween-Terrifying-Ten_medal-5k10kSpooky 5K & 10K

You will have a Spooktacular experience with the Spooky 5K & 10K Runs. You’ll enjoy some of the same canyon and ocean views that the 10 Milers have but with more manageable distances. Have you run in costume yet? This is your perfect chance to join in on the fun. Ghosts and goblins will provide you encouragement to keep going all along the way… you won’t want to be left behind.

All Spooky Runners will get a commemorative finisher’s medal and T-shirt, plus a trick or treat bag goody.

2014_Halloween-Terrifying-Ten_medal-kidsrunSuper Hero ½ Mile Kids Run

Can you imagine hundreds of kids dressed in their favorite super hero costumes heading out on a ½ mile run? It’s a picture you can’t miss! This nearly flat ½ mile run will start and finish at the same point making it easy for parents to photograph their kids at the start and finish. Parents can run with their children if they like and don’t have to be entered into the event to do so (Parents who are not registered for one of the events will still need to sign a participant waiver and will not be eligible for finisher’s medals).

Super Hero ½ Mile Kids Run participants will get a commemorative finisher’s medal, “Kid’s Sized” T-shirt and trick or treat goody bag. This fun run is good for children aged 4-11 who are not ready for the longer distances.



This run benefits We Run Orange Country’s Kids

We Run Orange County’s Kids is a nonprofit, public-service corporation that provides after-school intervention programs for Middle and High School students in the Orange County, California area.Based on the idea that life is like a Marathon, the mission of We ROCK is to teach our community’s teenagers the important life skills of goal setting, self-reliance, discipline and self-confidence through the design and delivery of instructional programs focused on the proper training for, and completion of, a marathon.

COX Candidate Forum

Cox communication gave us a bit of a platform to speak our minds and answer questions a week ago.. If you have not gotten a chance to see how the candidates react to questions, or you just want to put a face to the name–give it a look.

You can scroll through the video to find the section you want to look at and the candidate you want to see.. Share this as we only had a few opportunities to speak side by side, and you should have a clear understanding of what all the candidates represent and how they align with YOUR beliefs.

I personally appear in the video at:

10:23 – Opening Statement

20:25  – Economic Development vs. Quality of Life in DP

30:06 – Traffic

39:03 – Pension Liability regarding City Staff

47:21 – Closing Statement




BIG Showdown at City Council Meeting


The “Big” meeting is tonight!! The current DP City Council will decide whether to uphold the DP Planning Commission’s decision of rejecting the current plan for the Majestic Development Project in our Town Center/Lantern District. This will likely be this current council’s last meeting together before the Nov election changes the make up. Interesting to see how the council members will vote on this project and 3 out of the 5 are getting ready to leave office. Come down tonight and bring some snacks as this will prove to be a late meeting!

Meeting will be held at our Community Center starting at 6pm..

34053 Del Obsipo St.  Dana Point  92629



Local Trivia – Hobie Alter


Hobart “Hobie” Alter was a legendary pioneer in surfing, sailing, skateboarding and overall fun.

Hobie Alter will be remembered for creating the process of the foam-and-fiberglass surfboard & his subsequent creation of the Hobie Cat catamaran sailing boat line. His label, Hobie, remains one of the top-selling surfboard brands of all time. He is also the creator of the Hobie 33 ultralight-displacement sailboat and a mass-produced radio-controlled glider, the Hobie Hawk.

During summer vacation 1950 “Hobie” hit on an idea . “”Hobie began by building 9-foot balsawood sufboards for his friends. He asked his dad to pull the Desoto out of the family’s Laguna Beach, California garage, and converted it into a wood shop for his hobby.

Hobie’s hobby became a business and in discussing the future with friends as a young man “Hobie” declared that he wanted to make a living without having to wear hard-soled shoes or work east of California’s Pacific Coast Highway. By “Making people a toy and giving them a game to play with it”. A couple of years later, Hobie opened up Southern California’s first surf shop in Dana Point, California.

1958 Hobie and Gordon “Grubby” Clark began experiments making surfboards out of foam and fiberglass. The new boards were lighter, faster and more responsive than wooden ones. Several famous surfers surfed for the Hobie Team, including Joey Cabell, Phil Edwards, Corky Carroll, Gary Propper, Mickey Munoz, Joyce Hoffman and Yancy Spencer.


Hobie was born and raised in Ontario, California, but his family had a summer house in Laguna Beach, where Alter got into the full array of ocean sports. Initiated into surfing by Walter Hoffman, he started shaping balsa boards in the early 1950s. When the family’s front yard became cluttered with the remnants of surfboard production, his father moved him off the property by buying him a lot on Pacific Coast Highway in nearby Dana Point for $1,500. That was 1953. In February 1954, with the first stage of the shop completed, Hobie Surfboards opened its doors after a total investment of $12,000. “People laughed at me for setting up a surf shop,” Hobie remembers. “They said that once I’d sold a surfboard to each of the 250 surfers on the coast, I’d be out of business. But the orders just kept coming.”


Alter began making skateboards in 1962 and by 1964 he teamed up with the Vita Pakt juice company to create Hobie Skateboards. Alter went on to sponsor the Hobie Super Surfer skateboard team.

hobie168 skateboarder_mag_april_1977_hobie_team_hobie_power hobie-team-poster1B

Alter hired other board-builders, including Phil Edwards and Reynolds Yater. With the introduction of foam-and-fiberglass technology, Alter brought Joe Quigg over from Hawaii to help keep up with demand. Then came the high-volume production shapers like Ralph Parker and Terry Martin, guys who have shaped hundreds of thousands of surfboards over the years. Other Hobie shapers included Dewey Weber, Mickey Munoz, Corky Carroll, Don Hansen. Bruce Jones and the Patterson brothers.

After experimenting with foam for a couple of years, Hobie made a breakthrough in 1958, finally achieving the right skin hardness for shapeability with the right core density for strength. He decided to set up a separate foam-blowing operation in nearby Laguna Canyon and recruited one of his glassers, Gordon “Grubby” Clark, to make polyurethane surfboard blanks. Almost immediately, Gidget was released, and surfing (and the demand for surfboards) boomed. “If that movie had come out in the balsa era,” said Alter, “no one could have supplied them.”

The new foam boards were called Speedo Sponges and Flexi-Fliers, and Hobie was soon manufacturing 250 a week. Clark eventually took over the foam operation, renaming it Clark Foam, and he serviced the lion’s share of the world’s surfboard blank market until abruptly shutting down the company in 2005.

Alter was a surfing competitor in his younger days. He won the second Brooks Street contest in Laguna in 1954 and placed third and fourth at the Makaha International Surfing Championships in 1958 and 1959. He achieved success as a tandem surfer, placing second in the event at Makaha in 1962. Alter added to his personal notoriety by making the Guinness Book of World Records in 1964, surfing the wake of a motorboat 26 miles from Long Beach to Catalina Island.

Alter’s Hobie Cat became the nucleus of a very successful worldwide catamaran business.

The company created 16 unique sail boats from the Hobie 10, once designed to compete with the Laser, to the Hobie 33, a 33-foot (10 m) monohull. lift-keel boat.


Alter sold Hobie Cat to the Coleman Company, Inc. in 1976, and his sons Hobie Jr. and Jeff carry on the family tradition, operating Hobie Designs and overseeing the company’s licensing operations. Before his death, Alter would divide his time between the mountains of Idaho (where he skied in the winter) and an island in the Pacific Northwest, where he would anchor his 60-foot, foam-core, twin-Diesel power catamaran, that he designed and built for himself.

Alter died of cancer in Palm Desert, California on March 29, 2014 at the age of 80. A record setting paddle out was held at Doheny beach with the likes of thousands coming out to pay homage to a legend of a man.




Dana Point Oktoberfest!

these guys are "working"
these guys are “working”

This was just another example of how our “passive” park over at Sea Terrace is rocking in the DP. I wasn’t sure what to expect as different productions put on different versions of Oktoberfest, but these guys came will guns a blazin’! The MC of the whole event kept people smiling and having fun the ENTIRE time, all while chugging some fine malt and barley brew. I tipped my hat to him as people engaged with vendors, danced to the live music, and joined in games to win prizes. If you have ANY reservations about getting involved or showing up to the events in the park–STOP IT, just get the heck down here cause everybody is having a GREAT TIME! Part of what makes DP unique and fun is the events we put on.. Now, as a city,  we just need to figure out how to profit off these events instead for paying for all of them..either way, too much fun!


If your mail-in ballot came this week, make sure to check the “DIVEL” box and send that baby in..tell your friends too!


See Gallery below..


Jason Pitt is the S%@t!


Super psyched to have friends like Jason and Andi Pitt, helping to promote me so I can look out for the best interests of the 92629 and 92624..

“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand.” —General Colin Powell


Attorney Needed?


This is a pretty funny photo from last week. I did a ride along with Tobin Anderson, he’s the homeless liaison for the Dana Point Sheriff’s Dept. and we were coming back from booking a guy into the Orange County Jail..(Thank God it was the first time I’ve seen the place). This bozo was driving 95mph on the fwy right past us and even after we blasted the light on him to tell him to slow down, he took off again at 90 mph!?  I think he might have been crazy but he was half naked in the car and sweating profusely. It’s a good thing we pulled him over right in front of the attorney Adopt-A-Highway sign so he would know who to call!!

PCH/Del Obispo New Development


It been through a few different owners hands, but this newly proposed development project came to the planning commission and the public for review this past week. The total project will add 168 new units to the property..

30  Single bedroom units

60 Two bedroom units

58 Three bedroom units

They will have a string of retail from the north side of the bridge to the edge of the property line net to Denny’s (Yes, Denny’s is staying)

This developer seemed to get their plan first draft of their plan submitted WITHOUT the need for any variance requests, which was refreshing to everyone. I just hope the wind stays onshore for the residents most of the time or they will get a nosefull from the water treatment facility! See the attached images to explore the plans and design close up. Stay tuned for the planning commission agenda for updates  on the project!

As_burger_aerial_photo As_Burger_development_plans

Battle of the Paddle


Wow… When I first heard this contest/festival was coming up the street from Doheny to Salt Creek beach, I thought that it would be a real bad idea. I think the verdict is still out for many, but the reality is it was the largest water based event I have ever seen at Salt Creek in my 40 years being a local. The shrunken beach was loaded to the gills with bodies and boards, and the upper grass section was busting at the seams as well. I think all in all it was a very professional production, although i would have liked to see some kind of interaction for the locals that gave up their beach for the weekend. A full size stage encompassed the basketball court up above, while raised stages (due to the high tides) kept the organizers dry on the sand. It was fun to see the racing and carnage as the decent sized swells ripped through the line-up, knocking down the less ocean experienced paddlers. My hats off to Rainbow and many for getting this large of a group together and making it a memorable weekend.

Bar-B-Que tastes alright to me


This past weekend was a busy busy one for me.. I did some “campaigning” down at the Bar-B-Que competition in the Sea Terrace ‘passive’ park. There were teams coming in from all over with the consistent theme of fun in mind. We got to taste some great food and it would be hard-pressed to declare a specific ‘winner’ of the day, other than me and my family! If you missed it, you blew it.. But mark it down on your calendar for this time next year as you’re going to want to stop in and taste some of the fun!



Homeless Task Force Meeting


Got to attend the DP Homeless Task Force meeting yesterday at the Dana Point City Hall. Interesting to see how such good intentions from our residents need to be focused to the correct channels.

A determination was made that a city-wide census and needs of action list must be made to determine the best strategy going forward. It seems much of the responsibility of housing the homeless during times of severe weather or cold have been determined by the city to fall on the shoulders of the churches in town, yet the churches say they can’t bear the burden due to conflict with their current child daycare problems.. Interesting to see how this issue will be resolved going forward.

For more information on California’s ‘SB2’ or ‘Senate Bill 2’ relating to the Department of Housing and Community Development,

CLICK HERE  to download the entire SB2 Document..


Am I Trippin’?


No, you’re not trippin’.. The crew finally made the full switch to two-way traffic on PCH– ALL the way from one end of the Lantern District to the other. It’s  weird the first time driving it, so BE CAREFULL!! There are still people making incorrect turns and we should expect that for a while from folks so keep you eyes open. The next step the DP City Council just voted on was to start the process for the Del Prado side and eventually get things going both ways over there as well.. Give a special look to all the businesses on the Del Prado side including Infinity and Killer Dana Surf Shops, as well as Pack Physical Therapy and a few other gems..

Fishing is ‘Off-the-Hook’!

Harbor_boat-launchIt’s said by many that this is the best year for fishing in quite a while, maybe even the last 20 years! Anglers have flocked to the ocean to grab a bit of ‘the bite’, as boats have been consistently hauling in Yellowtail, Yellow Fin, Blue Fin, Skipjack, Dorado and even Wahoo off our local coastline. The Dana Wharf is a great place to lock in if you don’t own your own vessel, and rates are very reasonable.. Otherwise you might be looking at a traffic jam, as seen in the photo above!

CLICK HERE for the Recent Dana Wharf Fish Count

CLICK HERE for Dana Wharf Fishing Reservations

Sept 21st –    9 Boats, 251 Anglers

217 Yellowfin Tuna, 27 Yellowtail, 4 Dorado, 39 Skipjack Tuna, 151 Bonito, 38 Calico Bass, 14 Sand Bass, 5 Rockfish




Never Quit Challenge for Wounded Warriors

I was lucky enough to catch up with the crew from the Never Quit Challenge while paddling down in the harbor on 9/11.. A host of wounded warriors along with veterans and supporters were making their way down along the coast, starting in Morro Bay and finishing up in Oceanside. I caught a glimpse of their crew and talked a bit with a few of the guys about what they’ve seen and why they’re riding.. My hat’s off to this dedicated crew and the great cause they’re looking to promote, especially on this special day..




Pay Parking at Strands Beach lot

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 3.02.33 PMalright guys…now is the time to speak up. Don’t say you “never heard about it”, or “why didn’t anyone tell me”.. They are having a planning comission meeting for Dana Point tonight and on the agenda is the option to install pay parking at the Strands lot.. Forget the idea of not being able to access the beach through the Strand neighborhood, what if you had to feed the meter every surf check or stairs run?… Come make your voice heard! Other things on the agenda are a new development project at the corner of PCH and Golden Lantern..  Come early and be heard!!Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 11.38.20 AM


Click HERE to download document 1

Click HERE to download document 2

Tall Ships Are Here!!


They sailed in yesterday afternoon, and were supposed to make a beautiful pass-by come sunset hour, but the high wind and large swell changed up plans a bit. Neverless the show went on today with a host of great activities and booths to see. The ships were on point, looking beautiful and loaded with authentic sailor tour guides. Kind of a cross between a Renaissance fair and Pirate party. Local vendors are selling their arts and goods and there’s plenty of food and drinks. A small donation is needed to board the ships, but walking around and taking it all in is free! A full blown sailor re-enactment goes down about every hour with a great line-up of live music.  Just get there early or utilize some of the free transportation from the Strands parking lot as parking is packed! (Obviously because it’s a popular event!) The kids will LOVE IT and pets are welcome!

The event rolls on all afternoon today and into tomorrow so get down there and HAVE SOME FUN!!

PS One of my favorites was seeing local artist I storied about earlier, Laura Seeley. She’s got a prime location for her arts showing right on the baby beach pier! Go see the gem of the elephant parade she has on display.. ‘Sea the Point’.

To see ALL the images, click this link to the gallery..HERE

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First Day of School!

It seems like just yesterday she came peeling out of the parking lot dying to head out to the beach and knock off a long list of “to-dos” on her Summer list. We got through many of them including a henna tattoo, surfing Doheny and my favorite of all– ‘eating tacos for breakfast lunch and dinner’.  She spent the last few weeks gathering her supplies with her mom, and about 2 hours getting just the right new outfit picked out for herself.  My, where does the time go?  No matter how many times you’ve heard it before, they grow up soo fast! A fresh 3rd grader that amazes her parents  every day… Riley is off to her first day of the new school year!  …and we couldn’t be prouder.


Fish for Life – Dana Wharf

I got to see just another great thing that the Hansen family and Dana Wharf were doing for people.. “Fish-for-Life” was in full effect taking kids with special needs out to try and hook some bass. Maybe even a tuna this time of year! The kids got the red carpet treatment—(literally), as a red carpet was laid down the dock ramp walkway and they got announced as they walked onto the Dana Pride. There were even miniature ponies on hand to show support for the kids.. Just another reason to support the Dana Wharf crew and truly have “Dana Pride”..

Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day to all the hard workers out there!!

It is a celebration of the American labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.Divel-for Dana-Point-City-Council-Labor-Day

The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City, in accordance with the plans of the Central Labor Union. The Central Labor Union held its second Labor Day holiday just a year later, on September 5, 1883.

In 1884 the first Monday in September was selected as the holiday, as originally proposed, and the Central Divel-for Dana-Point-City-Council-Lincoln-quoteLabor Union urged similar organizations in other cities to follow the example of New York and celebrate a “working men’s holiday” on that date. The idea spread with the growth of labor organizations, and in 1885 Labor Day was celebrated in many industrial centers of the country.

Divel-for Dana-Point-City-Council-Reagan--quote

Big Wednesday

I unfortunately missed the “swell of the decade” due to a lingering shoulder injury. (funny thing is I did it surfing the last big swell back in early July!) I did however pull out the camera and snap some cool photos of waves and friends around town. I heard great stories of amazing waves, sessions and memories. Apparently there were waves ridden starting out past the outside jetty of our harbor, all the way in to the Doheny campgrounds..  I was able to confirm from to reliable sources that a close-out set that actually broke, (tsunami style), from the outside jetty–all the way across the bay to the reefs in front of Capo..  Something like that has not been seen in 25 years!! While i did miss that, I got some cool images for all to look at.. enjoy!

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Trash Pick Up

Everyday is Earth day.. The Divel’s got a bit dirty cleaning up the beach. While we searched for treasure washed ashore, we usually find bits of plastic, tar patties and other oddities that have washed up on the tideline.. Please remember to pack all the trash you bring to the beach with you for your way out, and NEVER assume others are going to be doing it for you!! Finally, note that it IS illegal to smoke on the county beaches, and those cigarette butts you put out in the sand end up between my toes!!  AARRRGHHH!!!

Ryan Divel for Dana Point City Council-Family135