Dana Point Harbor

It has been a long time coming but the Divel-city-council-harbor_1harbor revitalization is coming down the final stretch before kickoff. Previous City Council members and Planning Commission members worked diligently with the public trying to formulate a plan that would bring a much needed facelift to our historic harbor while increasing the existing amenities. The plan itself has been refined over the years with most happy and excited to see it put into action. However there are a collection of concerned small boaters that feel differently and contest that the new plan will annex them from their current status and potentially exile them out of the water. Progression breeds consequence and with most any project of this size, not everyone is coming away satisfied.  Below is information on the revitalization project.

Here’s a rendering of what the new version will look like

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before and after images..



Current Harbor Sign


Proposed New Harbor Sign


What’s this “Boat Barn” people keep talking about?

The boat barn is part of the harbor revitalization as less boat slips will be available in the final version, causing some boaters to have to move to dry land. This is causing some uproar among the long time small boat slip users who want to stay ‘on the water’.

The “Dry Stack Boat Storage Building” would be an enclosed structure, 65 feet tall, with a footprint of
approximately 50,000 square feet and will house storage racks on 5 levels for up to 400 boats and an
automated craned boat delivery system.



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Divel-City Council-Harbor-schematicClick HERE to download the schematic for the Harbor Dry Storage Building layout